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Kendall and Kensley Carey

A Message From Kendall and Kensley Carey

My name is Kendall and Kensley, we are 3 year old twins with a rare muscle condition. We have attended Little Light House’s Early Intervention (EI) Program for a few months now! We love going to school! We love learning, our teacher and friends!

Little Light House does NOT get any funding from the government or United Way so LLH can teach our kids about God and His love without any restrictions, as well as providing the extremely important early intervention for children with special needs.

For over 45 years, the LLH has operated on both trust in the Lord’s provision and with solid budgeting and fundraising plans in place. The LLH holds 4 annual fundraising events that bring in about 45% of the annual budget.

Your donation will help continue the amazing work that is provided by the LLH. You can sign up for a one time donation or a monthly donation! Please help us reach our goal and thank you for supporting Kendall and Kensley!

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About This Campaign

Early Intervention is key. With a two to three year waiting list, we are missing out on vital development years for the children waiting to get into our developmental program. We are proud that we are now serving more kids earlier with our Early Intervention classes! It is important that we continue to maintain and grow these programs so we can give EACH and EVERY child the opportunity to learn and grow in the most important years of growth.

Support these families as they fundraise and give their children a jumpstart on their education.
  1. Julia Morrison
    Julia Morrison gave a $52.44 donation to support Kendall and Kensley Carey
    I Love LLH! I know so many who have attend there. Such a great place for these 2 little ones to get to go to 💛
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