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Archer just turned 1 year old. We found out she has Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) when she was 3 months old. Once we got that diagnosis we started researching how best to help Archer see the world. She started attending Little Light House’s Early Intervention class at 6 months of age. She loves going to school and seeing her friends.

Since starting classes at Little Light House, Archer has gone from being terrified of the movement in a wagon and hating sensory play with her hands to now enjoying these activities like many of her peers. Did you know that Little Lighthouse is FREE for students?

The Little Light House depends solely on donations to provide a wonderful place to learn. Even a $10 donation will help to purchase supplies for sensory activities! Corporate sponsors can message about donating to this 501(c)(3) and I’ll connect you to LLH.

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Early Intervention is key. With a two to three year waiting list, we are missing out on vital development years for the children waiting to get into our developmental program. We are proud that we are now serving more kids earlier with our Early Intervention classes! It is important that we continue to maintain and grow these programs so we can give EACH and EVERY child the opportunity to learn and grow in the most important years of growth.

Support these families as they fundraise and give their children a jumpstart on their education.
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    I love you, Archer!
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    Janet Fields gave a $182.79 donation to support Archer Mills
    Nana loves you!
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