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Hello! I am Brooklyn Monroe and I love to learn! I am so independent and persistent. Some of my favorite things are playing outside, reading books, and exploring. I love the Little Light House and have the blessing of participating in their Early Intervention program. In this program I've been able to work on sensory skills and my physical development in ways that are super fun AND have given my parents more ideas of how to help me at home. If you choose to donate, your donation will help continue the amazing growth and learning I, and many other students, have accomplished even just this year at the Little Light House! You can sign up for a one time donation or a monthly donation! Please help us reach our goal and thank you for supporting me!

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Early Intervention is key. With a two to three year waiting list, we are missing out on vital development years for the children waiting to get into our developmental program. We are proud that we are now serving more kids earlier with our Early Intervention classes! It is important that we continue to maintain and grow these programs so we can give EACH and EVERY child the opportunity to learn and grow in the most important years of growth.

Support these families as they fundraise and give their children a jumpstart on their education.
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