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A Message From Luca Grimaux

We are so excited for this year at The Little Light House. While school may look a little different this year, the team at The Little Light House have been working hard to make sure they can continue to serve all of their students while keeping them as safe as possible. Even with everything going on in our world, we believe it's more important than ever to help The Little Light House continue their mission to glorify God by improving the quality of life for children with special needs, their families and their communities. They provide tuition-free educational and therapeutic services to children with special needs, ages birth through six. If we were to pay for Luca’s education at The Little Light House, it would cost us around $32,000 per year! Because they provide tuition-free education, they rely on donors who believe in their cause. That’s where you come in! Mini-Laps is their biggest fundraiser, and we are so excited to be a part of it again this year. The Little Light House has run solely on corporate and private donations since they opened their doors in 1972. They do not receive any United Way or other government funding. We need your help supporting this amazing school that has been serving Tulsa for 48 years! We would love for you to show your support for Luca and The Little Light House by donating to his Mini-Laps campaign. Any amount is appreciated! We are so thankful for all of the love and support for Luca and our family.


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In Support of Little Light House

The Little Light House is a Christian Developmental Center for Children with Special Needs from birth to 6 years old. Tulsa’s Little Light House is internationally recognized as providing some of the most highly individualized special education and therapeutic early intervention services in the world. A trans-disciplinary team approach maximizes a comprehensive knowledge from professionals who work collaboratively to design prescriptive programs for each child and assist every child in reaching their maximum potential. Through a variety of programs and schedules, these services are carried out by highly credentialed teachers, therapists, and specialists who represent decades of pediatric experience. Full-day services are offered Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM – 1:30 PM. These classes operate on a year-round twelve-month calendar. Early Intervention classes are provided as a part-time program where caregivers attend and learn along with their child for two-hour classes once a week. 

LLH is tuition-free for families and does not receive government or United Way funding. Support comes from individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations. In addition, LLH hosts four annual fundraisers each year bringing in about 40% of the $4.2 million dollar operating cost that allows our staff of over 90 members to provide services to over 200 children and families, support nearly a thousand volunteers, and train over 1,000 college and career students each year.

We at the Little Light House believe that all children are a gift from God with the potential to achieve specific milestones to advance their quality of life. We strive for excellence by utilizing a Bible-based curriculum in a fun and loving atmosphere. We believe in an individualized, trans-disciplinary and God-centered approach to education-an approach that joins parents, professionals, and the Holy Spirit as partners in order to nurture the spirit, mind, and body of the children and their families. Our commitment incorporates being called to work/volunteer with children with special needs. The Little Light House encourages a positive outlook on the future, based on trust in a loving heavenly Father.