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Please help support Tucker,s school by purchaseing a cookbook. He loves going and interacting with the other children and learning new things. We started attending The Little Lighthouse’s Early Intervention program in July 2020. We meet once a week to work on social, sensory, communication, and motor skills. Tucker really loves his teacher and his friends in his class. He is on the wait list to attend the regular program. Hopefully he will get in when he is about 4. The Little Lighthouse is free, but it is private and runs on donations. Please consider giving so that more children can attend this excellent program.

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Early Intervention is key. With a two to three year waiting list, we are missing out on vital development years for the children waiting to get into our developmental program. We are proud that we are now serving more kids earlier with our Early Intervention classes! It is important that we continue to maintain and grow these programs so we can give EACH and EVERY child the opportunity to learn and grow in the most important years of growth.

Support these families as they fundraise and give their children a jumpstart on their education.
    CYNTHIA JACKSON gave a $83.72 donation to support Tucker Fitzsimmons
    I would like 4 bound cookbooks. Thank you.
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  2. Nancy Griffin
    Nancy Griffin gave a $20 donation to support Tucker Fitzsimmons
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  3. Renee Jensen
    Renee Jensen gave a $52.44 donation to support Tucker Fitzsimmons
    Praying always for Sweet Little Tucker and his continued growth and development. We love you guys!! The Jensen Family
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