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Hi Everyone it’s that time of year again! This is Wyatts 2nd year to be a full time student. We are excited for another year of learning and friends. Wyatt will be back in Yellow class this year which we are so excited about. Also to add that last year we had so many amazing donors to help Wyatt to continue to attend school at no charge & even some anonymous donors. We hope that this year we can raise as much if not more. But can only do it with our amazing friends and family. Wyatt thanks every one of you so much!


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Mini-Laps 2021

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Mini-Laps is a fundraising event that is led by the parents of our students. Our children attend the Little Light House and receive much needed therapy services on a tuition-free basis, and Mini-Laps is the time when parents raise money for their child's year at school. At the event, each child takes a lap around the Little Light House track as we celebrate the milestones that they have met at school.
  1. Lisa Sutterfield
    Lisa Sutterfield gave a $521.70 donation
    Dedication In Memory of: Olen Serner
    I have loved The Little Light House every since I worked in Orange class almost 20 years ago! I don’t know any current students, but I have a grandson named Wyatt, so I chose to sponsor Wyatt of TLLH! God bless him and the event and the amazing staff!! This is a two fold donation to also honor my brother who recently lost his battle with cancer. His name was Olen.
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  2. Brittany Perkins
    Brittany Perkins gave a $26.37 donation
    Aunt B loves you Wyatt!! Keep reaching your goals!
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  3. GG & Pawpaw
    GG & Pawpaw gave a $104.58 donation
    Love GG & Pawpaw
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  4. Denise & Don Williams
    Denise & Don Williams gave a $1,043.10 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: 7067844
    For Wyatt WilliamsGrama and PopPop Love you
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  5. An anonymous donation of $2,634.55 has been made
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  6. Kamy Whatley
    Kamy Whatley gave a $52.44 donation
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  7. payden bradshaw
    payden bradshaw gave a $10.73 donation
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  8. Ashlie Withrow
    Ashlie Withrow gave a $100 donation
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