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The Little Light House brightened life for our family when Danny was here so long ago. When he was accepted to TLLH, we found a community that we desperately needed. Danny was born in 1999 with COX-2 deficiency, causing him many health crises. He was four during his first year at TLLH, and it was the first time he had been with kids who were also facing similar challenges. He loved the school and made many friends and a lot of developmental progress. In 2005, Danny died, but our family will continue to support TLLH because it is a way to give back to a place that helped us in many ways. When we discovered that Isaac had the same challenges as Danny, we immediately put him on the waiting list at TLLH. This school provides therapies and classroom experience and helps with special equipment and new ways to do things for families. However, the most significant thing (and the least celebrated) that it provides is a community for these families with extraordinary kids. Parenting a kid with special needs is isolating, but when you bring those kids and their families together, beautiful friendships are formed. (We can’t believe that Danny would be turning twenty-one this fall and that Isaac would be eleven now.) The Little Light House is a tuition-free, nonprofit Christian developmental center for children with special needs. The school serves children with a wide range of disabilities from birth through age six. TLLH does not accept any federal, state, or United Way funding because they are determined to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to these precious children. It costs \ a lot of money each month to run the school and pay the staff. This is a year-round school, so there is a lot of fundraising to be done! The school is committed to pay their bills even before their staff and to operate debt-free. They are still working to raise funds to continue adding to their space to serve more children in the Tulsa area. The team at TLLH is also training teachers so that they can appropriately educate and teach the gospel to children with special needs in other states and countries. Miles for Milestones is the second-largest fundraiser of the year, and it is just a few weeks away (September 11-13) and it happens wherever you are. Our family (including Gramma and Popsy) will participate in the memory of Danny and Isaac. We will bike, walk, or run around the neighborhood that Saturday. We’d greatly appreciate it if you’d make a donation. If you do, know that you’ve just helped to provide for some extraordinary kids, their teachers, and their families.

Miles For Milestones 2020

Location / Venue

  • Time:
  • Sep 11, 2020 08:00 am to
  • Sep 13, 2020 10:30 pm

About This Campaign

A Virtual Bike, Run, Walk Event.

Raise donations to help us continue providing tuition-free education and therapy services to our beautiful children with special needs.

Due to the recent recommendation by the CDC, Laps For Little Ones has been changed to a Bike, Run, Walk Virtual Event. Packet pickup will be held before the event. Choose your distance. Bike, Run, or Walk anytime September 11th - 13th, your own race at your own pace! Whether you run on a treadmill, jog in your neighborhood, walk at your local outdoor trail, or ride your bike, you can participate in honoring some amazing kids. Your miles help them achieve their milestones.
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